Agri-pedia (Pty) offers a variety of online solutions to the agricultural sector, including an opportunity for students and farmers that cannot obtain qualifications at a tertiary institution to study online and gain knowledge that will assist them to achieve a qualification.

Agri-pedia is an ambitious online Academic Platform, delivering a range of services to students in the agricultural sector. This platform is only accessible by registered students, doing an agricultural qualification through a valid Agri-pedia licence holder.

Agri-learn, our online campus, accessible from anywhere in the world, gives students access to quality agricultural E-learning programmes and research information. This will enable students to complete assignments and obtain credits towards a qualification in Agriculture.

Agri-info, our online Agricultural Encyclopaedia, to provide “Online Farming Solutions” to primary producers, students and interested persons. This is an Academic Agricultural Information Platform, illustrated with text, animation, data, graphs, videos and photos, supported by companies and products in the agricultural industry, developed to bridge the information gap between academic sciences and industry technology in practice.

Agri-trade is an academic database of the agricultural industry and products in the African market. Specific products and brands are interlinked to the related academic information modules, to expose students as future producers to the industry and products, with a primary focus on product information as part of the academic content.

Agri-social is a knowledge management tool, using social media to enables users (agricultural producers, students, generally interested persons, academic professionals, consultants, etc.) to interact and share ideas and concepts. Mature contributions will be published to the Agri-Info system after a thorough assessment.


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Academic institutions who would like to obtain a licence, may apply so, to the Board of Directors, Agri-pedia Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The application is subject to accreditation of the applicant to a Sectoral Education and Training Authority in South Africa, as well as the Department of Higher Education and Training, and can and will only be issued after a full accreditation system was successfully completed.


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